Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Ways to pray for Ukraine

1) Pray that God would protect the innocent in Ukraine from violence. In many cities throughout Ukraine there is a very real threat of violence from paid thugs against anyone who has taken part in a protest.  There is much violence that goes unreported by the media. 

2) Pray for the Christians who spend their days praying for people and giving out hot tea in the main protest in Kiev, that God would use them to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ during this time.  

3) Pray for the government to choose peace and justice instead of repression and violence.

4) Pray for justice for the wronged.  There has been no action from the government to find or punish those responsible for violence against peaceful protestors and that is a sign of the deep injustice of the present system of government.  As long as there is no justice for the wronged, the people of Ukraine will continue to be oppressed by those with power.  

5) Pray that Christians would find peace, comfort, and hope in their God regardless of what is happening around them. 

6) Pray that more and more people would be willing to stand up against corruption and injustice in whatever form it takes.  Corruption is so inherent in life in Ukraine that apathy is the normal response to it.  

7) Pray that all those in authority (from small positions in small towns to the head of the government) would not use their authority for evil but for good. 


Maria Thompson said...

Hello Sir!
I live in Missouri, but have a friend that is right in the middle of Maidan and the riots. I want to be able to send some help/nourishmen/whatever to him and his immediate group, but no feasible way to do so. I was wondering if there was a small chance that I could work out a donation through you...are you in Kiev? IS something like this possible? Thank you for your consideration!

Danny and Liese said...

Hi Maria, I'm sorry but there is really no way for me to help you with this. I don't live in Kiev and the logistics would make this pretty much impossible.

Maria Thompson said...

Oh I understand - thank you though! Are there any Christian groups in Kiev that are ministering to the protesters and could be donated to?

Danny and Liese said...

Thanks for understanding. There are quite a few Christian groups in Kiev who minister to the protestors. I'm not sure if any of them have anything set up for donations, but I'm sure there are many ways to donate to help the Euromaidan movement if you want. Check out the Euromaidan facebook page, they probably have info there.

Alex W.Lychack said...

Thank you so much for standing with us. Your prayers much appreciated. Alex W.Lychack, Mykolayiv, Ukraine.