Wednesday, December 18, 2013

News from NorCal

We've been in Northern California staying with Liese's family for the last few weeks.  The first couple of nights we were here the low temperature dropped lower than it did in Kiev those nights. 

We've really enjoyed spending time with our family up here and getting together with friends. Liese's sister Rachel picked us up at the airport and we stayed a couple days with her and her husband in Napa.  Rachel is a photographer and she did some portraits for us that turned out awesome.  

The whole family got together this weekend to celebrate Christmas a little early by giving gifts and having a feast.   We got our nieces nesting dolls and when Ella, who's three, opened hers she said "Look! It's me!"

We've got one more week and then we head down to Southern California.  

My health has been a lot better the last few weeks.  I've been able to rest a lot during the day and spend time with family and friends in the evenings.  I've seen one doctor who is happy with the way I'm progressing, so that's good news.  I'll see another doctor when we are on the central coast. 

I got to speak Sunday at Calvary Chapel Gridley.  They've started putting sermons up online and you can listen to my message here if you'd like. 

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Troy Weber said...

Glad to hear you got some valuable time with family on Napa and are progressing in your emotional/physical health. Napa is actually not far from my hometown.