Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bringing blogging back

It's been pretty dead around this blog for the last few months.  Most of that is because of my health.  As I'm recovering from adrenal fatigue it just hasn't seemed like there is enough interesting things going on in our lives to blog about.  

For the last few months I've been learning how to schedule my time and my projects so that I don't exhaust myself.  I'd say I'm at about 80% of where I was a couple years ago before I started getting headaches every day.  Now the headaches are nearly gone but I still deal with fatigue daily.  If I try to push through the tiredness I end up getting a headache so I'm learning to take short (or long, depending on the day) breaks throughout the day.   

I stopped drinking coffee a in August and after the first week I started to notice that my afternoon energy levels were way better than they had been in about a year. But my morning energy levels stayed the same and pretty much every day starts with me wishing I could join Liese for a cup of coffee.  

I've even been tapering off the medicine and supplements I've been taking for 8 months.  So far so good.  By December I should be done with pretty much all the medicine I brought back to Ukraine so I'm hoping that by then I won't need it anymore.  

Now that I'm feeling quite a bit better I'm going to be blogging about our life again, even if it seems boring.  At the very least I'll just put up some pictures.  


Sarah said...

Happy Reformation day! We were just thinking of the two of you and so glad to know you are feeling a bit better! Can you try Chicory? At least you can pretend to part take in the coffee ritual, and maybe the ritual would be enough to give a morning boost.

Danny and Liese said...

Thanks Sarah. I've tried Chicory in the past and didn't see the point. Maybe I should give it a try again. Or just hope that I get better and can just drink coffee again...