Friday, November 16, 2012

Doctors, headaches, and a way forward

Yesterday I had an appointment with a neurologist. After examining me and talking about my symptoms in depth it seems that from a neurological standpoint there is nothing wrong that is causing headaches.  The doctor said the headaches just seem to be chronic low level headaches and the best course is to try to find something that will work as a preventative.  Right now finding something that can prevent them and or take them away is just as big of a goal as finding out the cause of the headaches/fatigue.  So I'm trying a low dose of a medication that has been found to help with migraines and pain associated with nerves.  It should take a while to build up in my system so after a month I'll go see the doctor again and we'll go from there.  

In the mean time we are just resting, spending time with family and catching up with friends in the area.  Also, enjoying 70° days.  California is an amazing place.

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